Wednesday 14 March 2012

Mr & Mrs & Mrs Pheasant

Watched a lovely little show today. Two female pheasants came into the garden from the field and spent a few minutes pecking around under the bird table, with upward looks at the nut feeders trying to work out if they could get up there. Enter Mr Pheasant - a beautiful bird with shiny golden feathers, a red face and little black tufty ears. He didn't go for the food but walked into the helibore bed and clucked and bobbed up and down almost like he was saying to the females - "Look at all these lovely flowers I've got for you!". This went on for quite a while with the females moving around the garden feeding and the male following and keeping watch.
The menage-a-trois was finally disturbed by the neighbour's big tabby cat who fancied his chances with the birds while their attention was elsewhere. He crept up the steps and around the fountain but the birds caught sight of him and flew off with customary squawking.

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