Sunday 18 March 2012

Getting started with sowing

Started sorting out seeds - remains of packets and some that we saved from last year's harvest. Sowed a couple of short rows of PakChoi. Haven't had a great deal of success with these in previous years. They tend to get eaten by slugs but thought I'd use up the remaining seeds. Sowed Lollo Rosso Lettuce and Rocket in the greenhouse. They will be up and eaten before the tomatoes are ready to go in the bed.

Dug over the plot for the Broad Beans and worked in a bit of well-rotted stable manure. Planted 60 beans - 2 groups of 3 rows. These were saved from last year's harvest. Later Mum & I planted 24 Beetroot seeds and 40 Sweet Peas in modules which will stay in her conservatory until they're ready to plant out. The Sweet Peas are Spencer Mixed and saved from last year.

Also planted 5 Celebration Squashes - seeds saved from a bought squash - and 3 Uchiki Kuri Squashes left in the packet from last year. This is a bit of defiance really because last year none of the 7 planted in pots and kept indoors even germinated. 

The season has started!

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