Monday 26 March 2012

Digging and planting

Really summery weather this weekend - in March! After a foggy start to Saturday the sun came out and the rest of the weekend was lovely. The clocks went forward on Sunday morning so we could enjoy the sunny evening. It's just a bit worrying that there has been no rain for about 2 weeks and the water levels are very low. The whole region has been pretty dry for months. However, the soil is still damp and with the warm weather it should be good for planting.

During a busy weekend we planted shallots, moved the runner bean frame to its new position, set out  3 gooseberry cuttings and planted Big Boy tomato seeds in pots. They'll stay in the conservatory and be planted out into grow-bags. The last few summers have been fairly cool and our early experiments with outdoor tomatoes were complete failures. They also got blight. So now we just grow tomatoes in the conservatory and greenhouse fairly successfully. We regularly grow Big Boys which are great for cooking and last year we grew Harbinger and Alicante as salad tomatoes. I'll sow some of these in the greenhouse tomorrow.

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