Thursday, 17 September 2015

Autumn harvest

Season of fruitfulness!

All the apple trees and the plums are overloaded with fruit. We haven't yet picked much but we've been busy processing the fallers:

  • Marrow and apple chutney
  • Plum and apple chutney
  • Apple and blackcurrant jam
  • Crab apple jelly

and all kinds blackberry and apple crumble, apple pie, apple meringue, Dorset apple cake and baked apples using the lovely sweet russets.

This year we planted a variety of squashes, marrows and courgettes. We've been harvesting and eating courgettes during the summer and now the squashes are maturing. Squash roast in oil or fat with a dusting of sage, salt and black pepper is always good, or with bacon and squares of brie (or dollops of no-fat quark if you're on a diet). This year we had a new addition to our squash family - a Turks Turban weighing 5lbs.  Last night we roasted this and ate it with a bacon risotto and French beans.

Squashes, marrows and courgettes from our garden
including a 5lbs Turks Turban squash