Wednesday 3 December 2014

Pheasants and carrots

Definitely winter now although after the frost early last week the weather reverted to grey, foggy days. Last night got down to minus 2.5 C and this morning bright and sunny. The days are short so can't get much done in the garden.

Last week our farmer neighbour brought round a brace of pheasants, so on Sunday I took them up to the greenhouse to pluck. I plucked pheasants in the conservatory once and the feathers were blowing around for weeks. At least in the greenhouse stray feathers will act as compost.

.. so roasted the two pheasants with stuffing made from bread, pheasants' livers, home-grown thyme and parsley with a little shop-bough dried marjoram. Laid bacon over the breasts and legs and foil over the lot. Must do some dried marjoram next year since it grows wild all over the garden. Along with our own potatoes we had a very few carrots. I've been growing these in a big pot - disease and pest free but not very productive.

Here they are:

Carrots from big pot in our garden.

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