Monday 29 December 2014

End of year snow

After a really warm few weeks in the run-up to Christmas we had snow on Boxing Day night. The days have been sunny and bright and very cold so the snow is still lying, crispy and crunchy to walk on. The snow provides some interesting images with stark, leafless trees, bushes and grasses.

Raspberry canes poking through the snow.

Footprints in the snow - cat, fox?

Amazing "reverse icicle" emerging from one of the many hollow iron scaffolding poles
we use as supports for the blackcurrant bushes and other soft fruit.
The water in the poles freezes and expands creating an interesting ice sculpture.

Another view of the "ice sculpture" with a plane trail up in the early evening sky.

View across the fields to Clay Lane and the cottages on Zion Hill.

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