Thursday 11 October 2012

Tomato Soup

This morning I looked at the growing number of punnets and bowls of tomatoes in the fridge and thought SOUP! The Big Boy and Cuore d'albengo tomatoes are easy to peel encouraged just a little bit by a bowl of hot water. They also don't have many seeds so the yield is very good. So to make yummy tomato soup:

  • Destalk and peel the tomatoes and remove most of the pips
  • Keep as much juice as possible
  • Add a little salt and black pepper (according to how you like it)
  • Whizz in batches in the liquidizer
That's it - no cooking, no stock - just tomatoes.
Serve warm or cold with a swirl of cream.
You can freeze it in plastic tubs to cheer you up in the winter.

Cuore d'albengo tomatoes 

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