Soft fruit

6 Redcurrant bushes.
Fruit well but the birds, especially blackbirds and pigeons, love them so we've had to net them. 

11 Blackcurrant bushes.
Very prolific. Why anyone other than Ribena would want this many I have no idea! They make good jelly and puree to go over and in ice-cream, and mix in with apples and other fruit for pies and crumbles, but I usually end up with boxes of frozen currants in the freezer. Found a label indicating they may be Wellington variety.
Have experimented with blackcurrant cordial - very nice and seems to be keeping well in sealed bottles.

4 Loganberries
We brought these from previous house. They took a while to establish but are now fruiting well.

Summer/autumn raspberry bushes
3 rows of summer/autumn Raspberries
Really tasty berries. Initially, on advice from gardeners, we cut them right down in January or February and got fruit in August / September. One year I didn't get round to cutting them down until April when they were already sprouting from the old stems as well as producing lots of new growth. So I cut them down to about 18 inches and found the old stems provide summer berries and the new shoots berries later on. Then, after fruiting, the old stems just die and are easy to pull out. This regime seems to work fine so that's what we do.

Various bushes of summer Raspberries
They sow themselves everywhere especially in the blackcurrants and redcurrants. We just pick and enjoy what's there

Same thing with a few bushes of very late-fruiting Raspberries.

1 Tayberry
This is supposed to be a cross between a loganberry and a black-berry. It produces nice big fruit but they are difficult to pick without squidging. Vicious thorns.

3 +1 Gooseberry bushes
These were well established but are located underneath some apple and plum trees. They don't get a lot of light and maybe they'd be better located elsewhere. We took some cuttings and have one new bush growing between the rows of blackcurrants. (Gooseberry Meringue Pie recipe)

2 Jostaberries
We were given some cuttings by a friend a few years ago. They are planted in the new row with the gooseberry between the blackcurrant rows. First fruited in 2014 but don't know what they taste like because the birds got there first (so probably very nice!). Lots of flowers this year and some small fruit this year - so need to get in there quick when they ripen! Note: one bush died in 2018, but remaining bush very productive and the fruit delicious with apples in pies / crumbles.

Grow in the hedges and seed all over the place.

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