Gardening Books

Here are a few books about gardening that I've found helpful and/or fun. Click on the book image for further details at Amazon.

Collins Pests, Diseases & Disorders of Garden Plants

Fairly comprehensive guide to things that go wrong with garden plants, trees and vegetables and what you can do to prevent the damage. Slightly terrifying number of bugs and other nasties that can devastate our good work in the garden. Not for the faint hearted!

On the Plot by Joe Hashman
(Dirty Nails)

A week-by-week journal wandering through his garden, describing the vegetables & fruit planting and harvesting, Mrs Nails cooking and the wildlife in his garden. Practical and philosophical advice. Good to dip into any time.

A Prickly Affair by Hugh Warwick

A lot of things you never knew about hedgehogs and interesting stories about Hugh's life studying and investigating our favourite prickly mammal. This is a fascinating little book from a dedicated hedgehog researcher. Really interesting. Apparently one of the main predators of hedgehogs is badgers. There's certainly badgers around here, there are sets along the hedges a couple of fields and a main road away but I've never seen any in the adjacent fields.

The River Cottage Cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Wittinstall

Hugh's original "How to live healthily from your garden and surrounding hedgrows" book! Tells you what veg & fruit to grow for good eating - and how to rear chickens, ducks, pigs if you've got the space and the fancy.

A new Book of Apples - definitive Guide to over 2000 varieties by
Joan Morgan & Alison Richards

We take apples for granted - Bramley cookers, Cox's eaters. This book tells the history of apple growing and the development of the many varieties we now know. Also gives a guide to identifying apple varieties.

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