Tuesday 9 May 2017

Amazing bromeliads

Three years ago a friend bought my Mum an El Cope plant - which is in the Bromeliad family. Never had one before and it was rather unusual and fun. (See picture of that first one here.)

That one started a trend and we've accumulated a few - sitting on window sills around the house. The flowers die off after a few colourful months and new shoots emerge around the side. The new shoots are supposed to flower, but so far ours have remained stubbornly leafy. They obviously work on their own "manana" timeframe, so I'm still hopeful. I'm going to try repotting one and see if that encourages it to flower.

This year, for our anniversary, my hubby bought me a set of 3 bromeliads in cheerful polka-dot pots. These three are a different variety with flattish flower heads rather than a rosette. A couple of days ago one of them delighted us with a bright purple flower emerging from the bright pink head (which we had assumed was the actual flower - but obviously not!) and today two more! See the photo - the one in the middle with the purple "ears".

3 bromeliads - the one in the centre with purple flowers looking like ears.

And not to be outdone - on the same window sill is one of our cacti in full bloom:

Bright pink cactus

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