Wednesday 20 April 2016

Tadpoles and squashes

The tadpoles in the fountain pool have hatched. They are all wriggling around trying to find green algae to eat. I suppose that birds will be checking them out for a snack because there's not much weed or other plants for cover.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny and I sat in the garden and planted up 8 marrows and 6 each of squash varieties - Winterfest, Turks Turban and Hurricane (like butternut I think). These are all bought seeds. I have some seeds saved from squashes and marrows grown last year bit I haven't labelled them very well (or at all) so they will be a surprise. If I can squeeze a bit of space in the veg beds I may just throw the seeds in and see what happens!
I planted these in small pots using our own compost and put them in the small conservatory. The greenhouse gets very warm during the day but cool or even frosty overnight, so the conservatory will hopefully provide a more constant temperature for them to germinate. I also covered the pots with polythene. This is suggested on the seed packets. I don't usually do this but let's see what happens.

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