Wednesday 10 June 2015


June has been quite summery and warm so far but with cool nights. Yesterday I planted out 36 French Beans which were raised in pots in the small conservatory. They had started to climb around each other so they needed to be moved on. I added a barrow load of compost to the raised bed and set up 4 "wigwams" using steel poles and bamboo canes (mostly home-grown) and planted out the beans. looking good.

Then, locking up at midnight, I realised the temperature was dropping. At that time of night not a lot to do other than hope and pray.

This morning I wandered around to inspect possible devastation, but the beans were fine. However, the courgettes at the top of the middle veg bed had definitely been frosted, as had the fuchsia in a pot outside the greenhouse. Not too much damage, but just a warning that here in the East Midlands the weather can turn chilly even in "flaming" June.

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