Friday 30 January 2015

That was January!

Not much to say about the garden this month. The weather has been varied - from heavy rain to frost and now snow - so there hasn't been a lot of opportunities to do much gardening. I stole a few sunny mornings to dig over part of the vegetable plots and add a bit of compost and to cut back quite a lot of ferns (bracken) and dead foliage which with the wet weather has just been lying all soggy over the soil.

Single snowdrops
Snowdrops are coming up. The single ones mostly in the flower beds are a little ahead and standing up with their heads bobbing. The ones in the grass (can't call it a lawn!),  mostly doubles and a bit shorter, are just coming up now. Have to be careful walking on the grass because it's full of little green & white spikes.

There are just a few hellebores in flower. Bulbs generally seem a bit behind. I suspect this indicates more cold weather before the end of the winter.

The water level in the surrounding field is pretty high with the green pipe flowing strongly and the pond almost over-flowing.

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