Wednesday 5 November 2014

Cold and bright Guy Fawkes day

Another bright Autumn day with a cold, slightly frosty start and glorious sunshine all day until the shock of sunset at 4.30 pm. Every year after the clocks go back it's difficult adjusting to such short days. But it's just Winter - can always get up earlier to get a bit more light-time. Tonight is Guy Fawkes night and fireworks are banging, popping and swooshing already at 6 o'clock and there's a big moon smiling at all the festivities.

Because of the threat of frost I've brought in all the tender plants like geraniums,begonias and oleanders and filled the conservatory window-sills. The tomatoes have been stripped and the grow-bags removed from the small conservatory leaving just 4 pepper plants (capsicums) with a few fruits left. We picked 6 red peppers on Saturday and had them stuffed with minced beef, garlic, onions, mushrooms and served with thick tomato sauce created from the aforementioned tomatoes.

Last week-ends strong winds (see Coalville tornado) stripped all the leaves from the walnut and maple trees and the silver birch and the big cherry is just hanging onto a few pinky-yellow leaves. Everything is just a bit soggy with damp leaves everywhere. But there are a few bulbs peeping through already to remind us Spring is on it's way after whatever Winter we get this year!

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