Tuesday 22 July 2014

Hot Potatoes!

The hot summer weather continues punctuated by severe thunderstorms and downpours. The result is that everything is growing like crazy. At the weekend I picked 4 large buckets of broad beans - and there's more to come - and I dug the first two rows of properly-planted potatoes. These are Colleens which I've had before and are pretty good. With all that rain the soil was muddy and not ideal for potato-picking but needs must as I want the space for some leek seedlings left over from the main planting-out.

Harvested about 30lbs of potatoes from the two rows (22 plants). They are in fairly good condition with only a few worm / slug holes. Had to pull one small slug out of a hole and chucked it over the hedge into the field (sorry Billy but the cattle probably don't mind!). Paul spread out the potatoes on newspaper on the conservatory floor to dry off and this morning I brushed the mud off, sorted out the damaged ones for immediate use and the very small ones for potato salad and stored the rest in cardboard wine boxes. Wine boxes are great because the cardboard sections prevent any rot spreading through the whole batch. Stored in our cool, dark garage they will provide good eating during the winter.

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