Wednesday 14 May 2014

Planting out

Time to plant out some of the seedlings started off in the conservatory and greenhouse. 

71 beetroot seedlings raised in modules just fitted in the raised bed over by the raspberries. We dug this bed in the grassy area (not a lawn!) three years ago when we just ran out of space for everything. It's about 10ft x 3ft edged with logs from when the big old cherry tree was trimmed back. Last year we didn't use it so it was full of wild flowers, raspberries and weeds - actually quite pretty and the raspberries productive. This year Paul dug it over and I carted in a couple of barrows from the compost tip and added a few handfuls of organic chicken pellets. It looked like squirrels, rabbits or maybe cats had been digging holes in the soil so after planting out the little beetroots I put a load of twigs in and around to deter any intruders. Seems to have worked so far.

I also planted out some Tom Thumb lettuce seedlings in the "leek bed" by the greenhouse. I covered these with a make-shift cloche of wire frames and polythene, mainly to protect them from falling blossom and leaves and mud splash-back when it rains. this keeps the lettuces much cleaner and easier to prepare for eating.

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