Monday 17 March 2014


Got started with the seed-sowing this weekend:

Beetroot (Boltardy) 40 seeds sown in modules and will be kept in the small conservatory until big enough to plant out.
Broad Beans  Seeds saved from last year. 5 beans to a pot, 6 pots. They'll be planted out when big enough. I'll also be planting some straight into the soil.
Potatoes (Desiree) I bought some seed potatoes and the Desirees were already chitting when they arrived so I thought I'd get them in. The soil in the vegetable beds is warming up and moist - so they should get a good start. I've also got some saved from last year's harvest which I'll plant later inthe week.
Tomatoes (Alicante) Started these off in pots in the big conservatory. I generally have around 12 plants in the greenhouse.

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