Monday 10 February 2014

Winter fare

In the rather soggy winter we're having it's lovely to enjoy the harvest from the garden.

  • Parsley - Picked from the garden this morning for the roast chicken with parsley and thyme stuffing
  • Brussel sprouts - The pigeons have started pecking them now so there won't be many more, but much better than last year when the pheasants got stuck in and destroyed the lot. Going to buy some cages this year!
  • Roast potatoes - The last of the Desirees from the garage store. Actually there a few small ones left which I'm going to use as seed potatoes.
  • Roast squash - They've kept really well in the garage. They are seeds saved from the shop-bought butternut squashes from 2012, not quite so orange-coloured but tasty none-the-less. Make good soup too.
  • Plum crumble - Plums stoned and slightly cooked keep really well in the freezer and are ready to use in a crumble, pie or just with custard. We've got some plums bottled too.

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