Sunday 29 December 2013

Cold end to the year

During the week before Christmas we had severe storms with violent winds. Thankfully only minor damage here but friends further south were flooded out.

The corrugated roof on the lean-to was lifting off with the wind and the rose arch (tubular metal construction which replaced a previous home-made one a couple of years ago) is flattened. Also a section of roofing-felt on the summer house was blown off. So far nothing serious - but the forecasters are promising more wind and storms for the new year.

Yesterday was fine and sunny and this morning is cold and frosty with just a little breeze. Doing a few tidying jobs in the garden:
  • Cutting back the old leaves from the hellebores so we can see the flowers - and indeed the little buds are already showing colour.
  • Clearing the overgrown reeds from the little pond. I'm always worried about disturbing the hibernating frogs and newts but it has to be done to stop the pond getting smelly.
  • Covering the already-emerging rhubarb with compost to protect from the frost.
  • Removing the dead leaves from the hostas which are lying on the gravel and getting soggy and messy with all the rain.
  • Trimming the climbing roses which seem to have ambitions to reach the sky.
  • Having a big bonfire!

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