Sunday 12 May 2013

Beans, beans, beans!

No posts for a few weeks - partly due to the great change in weather, especially over the May holiday, which meant that we could get outside and DO stuff.
I finally got the runner beans planted. Although we usually follow a random crop rotation policy, this year I've kept  runner beans in the same place as last year. Haven't had time to move the frame (made by the previous owners from scaffolding poles and the heavy wire mesh that builders use in reinforced concrete). So I just dug over the soil and put in a couple of barrow-loads of home-grown compost before popping in 48 beans. Hopefully by the time they emerge any risk of frost will have passed. (Was pretty cold  (4 deg C) last night though).
The 60 broad beans (Masterpiece Green Longpod seeds saved from last year's harvest) planted out from pots started are looking great despite the wind. I'll need to stake them up as they get bigger.
We've planted 60 french beans (Blue Lake) in pots in the conservatory. They are quite tender and have lost loads in previous years through putting them out too soon. So they won't go outside until the start of June when in theory nights will be warm.

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