Monday 28 May 2012

Tomato planting

The glorious weather continues so lots of work in the garden and also the conservatory and greenhouse.

We set out 3 large grow-bags in the conservatory with 6 Big-Boy tomatoes and 3 Cuore D'albengo plants we grew from seed. For the last few years we've used some plastic planters for the growbags which mean you can:
  1. water the tomatoes without it spilling all over the growbag and onto the floor
  2. add 6 inches more soil or compost so the very large tomato plants are a bit more stable
  3. give the stakes a good foothold.
We only had six so I made some from 1 litre ice-cream tubs - cutting out the bottom and pushing into the compost in the growbag then filling up with compost. Best to make sure the cut-out is the same size as the ice-crem tub. Seems to work OK so far!

Now I have to plant out the rest of the tomato plants in the greenhouse!

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