Friday 6 January 2012

Rhubarb & sprouts

This morning was lovely and sunny with no wind. After the last few days of near-gales it was lovely to be able to go up the garden and see what's going on. It was still very cold with the grass crunchy with frost and leaves edged with white.

The bulbs are starting to come up big-time and the lilacs and magnolia stellata have healthy-looking buds. Rhubarb is about 8 ins high. I may cover this tonight to protect from any heavier frost. They are from Siberia so are fairly robust and can stand a little cold. Maybe some rhubarb fool next weekend! I don't force rhubarb. I don't really see the point. It comes up beautifully pink and usually we are picking some by early February. We have 8 plants, 5 of an early variety and 3 ones that come up later on.

I picked some brussels sprouts. They are Bedford type which mature later. We had enough small ones for Christmas dinner but we're looking forward to more and bigger ones in the next few weeks. They do seem to be getting shorter! It looks like pigeons are sitting on them and pecking the tops. Our local wood pigeons are like small turkeys so the poor plants are bending under their weight.

This afternoon the clouds are rolling in again and more winds are forecast for tonight.

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