Saturday 17 December 2011

Dying conifers?

We have an ornamental hedge with an arch made from conifers - not actually leylandii but similar. Last year one side started going brown We thought it might be because of the very dry conditions. But even with the wet autumn the brown patches have now extended to the other side. A single conifer bush also went brown and died two years ago and I noticed one or two other conifers in local gardens appear to have a similar problem.

Maybe related - but probably not since they are a different species:  in the spring of 2010 our prized Dawn Redwood failed to flourish. It's deciduous and it just produced a few stubby little leaves in the spring instead of the usual lush green needles then it died completely. I know the redwood needs lots of water so could be the result of drought. It is apparently not susceptible to diseases of conifers (which it resembles but isn't the same species).

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